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This form is intended for students applying for post secondary education funding.

Once you apply and are approved for one program, you will be able to log into your student page to apply for the second program (when applicable)

If you already have records in the Outcomes Student Information System, please log in via the student page and complete the form there.

If you have no existing records or do not know, you can add all needed information to this form and submit when ready.

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Identifying Information

* Status Card # - also known as INAC or Treaty Number - is a 10 digit number made up of your band number, family number and position number.


* Your email address will be used to log in and manage your application.

Program Dates

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Note, on one application you can only apply for semesters from one fiscal year. To include semesters from multiple fiscal years, additional applications must be filled out.


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Program Information

Personal Details

Education Plan

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Note, you must be enrolled full time each semester to receive living allowance. Full time status is decided by each individual school.

Post Secondary Costs

Please enter your estimated yearly tuition. Book and living allowance amounts are fixed. Note that Living Allowance amounts are only added if you selected full-time attendance above.

Final Application Details

Please select your Priority Level based on the following guidelines.

PRIORITY 1 Continuing Students / High School Graduates / First Time Applicants
1a) Continuing Students: Students who are presently enrolled as full time and are resuming their full-time studies after an academic break (May-August).
1b) High School Graduates: Students who graduated in June of the current year and granted an Ontario Secondary School Graduation Diploma.
  1. Students with an average of 65% or better in their final year of secondary studies
    (Grade 12) will be considered Priority One (1) with no probation.
  2. Students with less than a 65% average will be placed on probation for the first academic year.
1c) First Time Applicants: Applicants who have not been previously sponsored for full-time studies.
To retain P1 status, P1 students who find they have enrolled in a program or field that they find unsuitable should withdraw immediately (prior to 2nd semester) and notify the Post Secondary Counselor. Notifying the Education Dept. beyond the first semester/term will result in beginning the application process from the beginning.

PRIORITY 2 Returning Students / Previously Sponsored Students

Returning Students are students who were previously sponsored to attend college or university on a full-time basis. The following is the prioritized criteria for approval of funding:
2a) Applicants on the waiting list. Applicants who were not funded the previous year.
2b) Previously sponsored and were successful and resuming studies in the same or related field.
2c) Students sponsored by other sources and successfully completed a semester/year and did not apply the previous year.
2d) Previously sponsored and officially withdrew.
2e) Did not officially withdraw - quit.
2f) Sponsorship was terminated or student was exited from the program.
2g) Applicants who are considering a second field of study.
2h) Sponsored for more than 5 full academic years and has no diploma or degree.

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